The operation consisting of releasing a new version of this repository is automated by a set of tasks within the Rakefile.

In this context, a version number have the following format:



  • < major > corresponds to the major version number
  • < minor > corresponds to the minor version number
  • < patch > corresponds to the patching version number

Example: 1.2.0

The current version number is stored in the file metadata.json. For more information on the version, run:

 $> rake version:info

If a new version number such be bumped, you simply have to run:

 $> rake version:bump:{major,minor,patch}

This will start the release process for you using git-flow. Then, to make the release effective, just run:

 $> rake version:release

This will finalize the release using git-flow, create the appropriate tag and merge all things the way they should be.